Community Passenger Networks (CPNs)

CPN’s play a key role as a central point of contact for the transport needs within your local region.  The CPN’s are funded by the Commonwealth Home and Community Care program and the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion. There are currently 13 regional and 4 metro based CPN’s in South Australia.

The role of a Community Passenger Network (CPN) is to:

  1. Provide information on transport services available in the region
  2. Coordinate transport services for members of their communities, particularly for transport disadvantaged*
  3. Provide ad-hoc transport as a last resort where no other transport is available in the region and where resources are available to the CPN

*for people who are:

  • unable to access public transport due to distance, mobility or availability of services, and
  • unable to drive themselves, and
  • unable to access another person to transport them

Contact your local CPN to discuss how they help link people who require transport with those who provide transport.