Background and History behind sacta


  • Meeting at Red Cross office in Adelaide, attended by approximately 50 Community Transport Providers across SA.  Peak Body representatives from QLD and NSW spoke and offered assistance to SA to set up its own Peak Body.
  • Meetings continued for quite some time but got bogged down due to numbers participating and gaps between meetings. Eventually only 4 people were left attending, including a Red Cross rep and 3 Local Govt reps.
  • It was decided then that setting up a peak body was proving difficult, as no one was able to dedicate the time and enthusiasm needed to get a state based peak body off the ground.


  • A Steering Committee of Community Transport sector representatives commissioned stage 1 of a 2-stage report to research the most appropriate CT business model.  It was the intention that following the completion of the stage 1 report a further report would be commissioned to develop the brand identity etc.
  • Steering Committee members included HACC,DTEI, LGA, Red Cross, Regional Coordinators and Council Community Service Reps.
  • A 66 page report was produced and circulated for feedback, but Stage 2 was not followed through on and progress stalled again.  This could in part be due to the proposed extension of the CPN program at that time, across South Australia (with their role of providing a central point of contact for transport information).


  • Karyn Baker (Community Passenger Network) and Sue Aplin (Local Government) nominated by their respective networks to take on role as SA Reps on ACTA committee.
  • This presented an opportunity to make another attempt at forming a Peak Body, with encouragement and support from ACTA and the other states that have Peak Bodies. 
  • Two new steering committee members come on board: Craig Frost – Red Cross Transport (SA) and Jo Maiden, Onkaparinga Community Transport Information Service.
  • Northern Territory have expressed interest in joining with SA.
  • Association incorporated on the 4th September 2013.
  • Community Sector Bank account opened with Bendigo Bank.
  • ABN and Tax File No. obtained.


  • Membership application forms distributed early January 2014 (to all known networks, including Local Government/Community Passenger Networks and Red Cross Transport).
  • Official launch of sacta and its website held in August 2014.
  • Inaugural sacta AGM held 12th November 2014.


  • First sacta Community Transport Forum held 24th June 2015. Theme: "From Little Things, Big Things Grow".  63 members and others attended. 
  • Welcomed first Northern Territory member to sacta - Tennant Creek Transport.
  • Karyn Baker resigned as SA rep on ACTA committee.  Craig Frost accepted nomination as new SA rep. 
  •  sacta logo updated in June 2015 to incorporate the Northern Territory.
  • Second sacta AGM held 5th November 2015.


  • Sue Aplin resigned as SA rep on ACTA committee.  Julie Mason accepted position as new SA rep. 
  • Second sacta Community Transport Forum held 18th May 2016.  This years theme: "connect-inform-promote".  Total registrations 86.