Welcome to the South Australian Community Transport Association Website

Our Aim is to establish sacta as the Peak Body representing all Community Transport in South Australia and Northern Territory. We acknowledge and value the services of all of our members, towards providing access and equity in community transport services, for those in our community who require assistance with transport. 

As a result of a Member Survey and Strategic Planning session held in July 2016, a new definition of Community Transport has been adopted by sacta: 


This website is the place for our members to find the latest news, information and resources relating to community transport.   It is also a place for you to share information.  Have you got an interesting project or initiative you would like to share with others?  Please contact us.

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Your One Stop Shop for Transport Information

For visitors to our website, please click here to access a map of South Australia, and your local region.  You will then be directed to your local Community Passenger Network (CPN), your “One Stop Shop” for transport information in SA.

For a list of community transport providers in the Northern Territory click here

To find out more about Community Passenger Networks (CPN), please click here